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Suck It Trebek Straw Pouch

$20.00 CAD
I grew up watching and re-watching the Will Ferrell Saturday Night Live skits, and thought this would be a nice eco-friendly throwback to those times!

This pouch is inspired by the Suck It Trebek Jeopardy episode.

Our straw pouches are made of a blue poly/cotton twill exterior, and a rip-stop nylon interior.

The interior has a dividing pocket, should you want to keep some straws separate.

The small sized pouch measures 10"w x 2"h and can fit straws up to 9" in length. It will fit fatter bubble tea straws as well, but it will not fit straws that are bent. You can also store small cutlery in the pouch as well. The smaller pouch comes with a 9" metallic zipper.

The larger pouch measures 11"w x 3"h. It will fit straws that have a bend in them, up to a 10" length (see the last photo). The larger pouch comes with a 10" nylon white zipper.

You can purchase the pouch on its own, or with metal straws (This includes 3 metal straws and 1 straw cleaner).