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Plant Holder Moist Bitch

$20.00 CAD

It's important to check about 1/4 inch into the soil to see if it's still moist. Some plants really like that.

The interior fabric is a 100% polyester material that is water-resistant. The exterior is a combination cotton/linen/viscose blend, in the color of your choice.

You can also get it as a hanging planter. The hanging planter is attached with metal snaps so you can remove the cotton twill rope if you wish to. It can hold up to 5lbs.

The ropes hang about 16" max from the knot to the top of the planter, and can be adjusted down by re-tying the knot lower.

You can choose:

1. Wheat with Dark Grey interior.
2. Coral with Dark Grey interior.
3. Turquoise with Rose Gold interior.
4. Olive with Dark Grey interior.
5. Cobalt with Rose Gold interior.

Our plant holders measure 3"w x 3"l x 3" high.